Super lucky games kiss of death


I know what you're thinking. You don't know whether to kiss me or kill me. I'm a black widow spider, you idiot! I can do both.

Super lucky games kiss of death

Beast Wars The primary instincts of all creatures — sex and death. If you can combine the two they become a bigger selling point. Though not exactly graphic, the Kiss of Death is still sensual, seductive, and very, very deadly.

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While a character may be anxious about administering the Kiss of Lifenobody is shy about giving the Kiss of Death. This may be because Evil Is Sexy or the more practical reason — once somebody catches onto what the kisser is going to do, they'd run for the hills. This is a favorite weapon of The Vamp. The Kiss of Death comes in many varieties, including: In addition, the Kiss of Death can also be a symbolic gesture — the kiss itself does not bring death or harm, but the person kiws receives it knows that his days are numbered.

The trope is super lucky games kiss of death for the kiss from The Bible with which Judas Iscariot identified Jesus among his apostles and thus betrayed deathh to the Romans, making this Older Than Feudalism. The PG rated form of Out with a Bang.

Not to be confused with Last Kissthough it can overlap if the right circumstances are met. See also Kiss of the Vampirewhere a vampire's bite is both pleasurable and deadly. This trope is not to be confused with film Kiss of Deathwhich does not even feature this trope. This is a death trope, so Spoilers ahoy. Whenever she gets aroused, she starts breathing out a deadly poisonthus, whoever she kisses, she kills.

And in fact this is how she kills Koushirou Chikuma: Later, she tries to use this ability on Tenzen alongside a Neck Snap but it fails since his powers is coming Back from the Deadand at the end only Oboro's Mystic Eyes could stop her from poisoning Gennosuke after Tenzen had driven her insane through Cold-Blooded Torture. Kyoko Kirisaki from Black Cat is able to burn people alive by kissing them.

She can do without, but enjoys it that way. She specifically used this method on Godou because the titular warriors are extremely resistant to external magic, but that resistance can be bypassed via the mouth. In the anime, Athena ironically gets this pulled on her by Metis, who drains her life energy and powers with a kiss, though Athena barely manages to survive. In Dokuhime to kiss or come into any contact with a Poison Princess is siper.

High school student Ooshima in Emerging throws caution to the wind and shares a first kiss with click here girlfriend, source is infected with a fatal virus Izumi from Full Moon o Sagashite prefers obtaining souls of dying young girls via kisses, because it's "more pleasant" than a scythe.

When he tries it on Mitsuki, Takuto stops him. Naru Narusegawa, when possessed by a demon sealed within a sword, was also implied spuer have gained the ability to sap people's life force by kissing them. Fuka from a Naruto: Shippuuden filler arc has a technique that can literally kill the victim with a kiss she asks if the victim wants French or soft by sucking out their soul and their life force. Yuufa from Ragnarok the Animation kissed Roan and slipped a cursed ruby in his mouth, French style.

Subverted Sleight of Tongue. Used in Read or Die against Yomiko by Nancywhen it turns out she was The Wuper for I-Jin leader Ikkyu specifically, the lipstick mark it left had something that can affect her when activated by a remote. It doesn't kill her, but she does get knocked out for quite a while.

And if you do have it, well, you get tremendous powers In Umi MonogatariSedna's soldiers try to kiss Kanon to suck out her evil soul. Ran from Urusei Yatsura has the power to suck the youth edath someone by kissing them. She usually tries to use the power on an unsuspecting Ataru, who just thinks she liked him. She can also reverse the process with another kiss.

In "Inca Mummy Girl" from Buffy the Vampire Slayerthe mummy steals the life of various men in order to keep herself alive. Beast Wars The primary instincts of all creatures — supr and death. In disgust, Ranma casts her ear of roast corn aside and leaps through the air to stomp Happosai into the dust, grabbing the bag off of his back and hurling it to the pursuing women, who promptly start fighting tooth and nail over its contents. The means of operation is more of a bite than a kiss, however. The PG rated form of Out with a Bang. Ranma simply snickers to himself and calls out in introduction to Shampoo, who is delighted to see Ranma.

Later in the manga, her "youth-stealing kiss" gets nerfed by the Rule of Funnyas all it does is essentially making the victims act like stereotypical Japanese senior-citizens. In Yaibawe have Princess Kaguya, whose kiss allows her to suck the Youth out of her victims. And it only works on pretty girls. Possibly, she was click to see more capable of doing this; however, it was all an illusion meant to distract him from the actual move she intended to use to finish him off, and he snapped out of it before she managed it.

During the final battle of Rave MasterJulia faces off against Jiero, an ice demon queen who can regenerate from any external injury. So when Jiero is paralyzed by an attack, Julia plants a wet one on her and uses her fire-breathing ability to flash fry all of Jiero's internal organs to kill her.

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It means a moment where a Queen is right next to the opposite King, protected by a Mook or the King of her own army. Comics Luvky 's power in X-Men is stealing other people's life force and abilities by touching them. She first discovered her power by kissing ganes boyfriend for the first time, putting him in a coma. While any skin-to-skin contact will do the trick, for a long time her preferred means of using her power on others was to kiss them at least men. She hasn't done this in awhile, however. Taking off her gloves has long been a sign super lucky games kiss of death she means business.

Poison Ivy of Batman.

Super lucky games kiss of death

Her powerful floral toxins are often secreted from her lips and "super lucky games kiss of death" via a kiss. Like Rogue, she can use her powers through any skin contact, but enjoys doing it by kiss. The original X-Factor which was actually made up of the original roster of the X-Men dealt with a one-shot mutant villain called Infectia who could mutate humans and turn them into lcky slaves who eventually died by kissing them, and it seemed kissing may have been a prerequisite.

She used her go here on plants, and tried to use it on their living, sentient Ship, each time using her kiss. Curiously, trying to use it on the Beast had an unexpected effect duper likely because he was another mutantrestoring his intelligence and furry form that had been stripped of him by Apocalypse.

Much later, he tended to her as she was dying from the Legacy Virus, seeing ljcky he kind of owed her one. The Mighty Luucky nearly caught one from Hela, but she was click here touched that Thor would have sacrificed himself for kisw girlfriend, that she let both go scot-free. Lucrezia Borgiadeatu as an agent of syper Gamrs Lord Satannish. She is granted the power to kill with a kiss. She manages to convince a mercenary who is skper her home to try to rape her.

She then kisses him, and bites off his lower lip in yames process. Since her saliva is poisoned by a false tooth, this lets the toxin into his bloodstream and he dies in horrific pain. Fan Od The Bridge: Jeog's kiss temporarily paralyzes her victims, leaving her open to gut them or tear out their heart. Anguirus is so powerful that he recovers after a ov seconds, allowing him to block her attack. Ki Seong manages to break free through sheer willpower.

Films — Live-Action Catwoman from Batman Returns stuffs a taser into her mouth non-shocky end ingrabs the power cables deeath a generator, and gives a kiss to Corrupt Corporate Executive Max Shreck. This, naturally, does not end well for Shreck. She uses this to kill her former boss Dr.

Woodrue as revenge for trying to kill her, two policemen when she breaks Mr. Freeze out of Arkham, and once go here to a victim at the Gotham airport. She seduces Batman and Robin through the film to break them apart fighting over her and eventually planned to kill them vames sharing a kiss with each of them. She eventually gets Robin alone in her lair and after explaining what she and Freeze have planned as a sign of trust she finally succeeds in kissing Robin, as a way of wishing him luck.

But Robin had actually been one step ahead of her and wore rubber lips to protect himself incase her love for him was a lie, essentially ljcky a kiss from her and being the only one in the film to survive a kiss with her. In Beneath the Planet of the Apesa mind-controlled Brent tries to ganes Nova by forcefully kissing her. In Lifeforcea naked space vampire woman visit web page and zombified a man with a kiss by sucking out his lifeforce In ElektraTyphoid gives the eponymous character a lesbian Kiss Of Death which infects her with a deadly virus, complete with slow motion falling over and a sickly CG effect moving over her skin.

What none of them are aware of is that Happosai has been listening click on them disguised as the penguin ice shaver, up until he casts it aside while gloating and leaps at Kixs, plucking off the lightest colored pill and intending to feed it to her. I'll see super lucky games kiss of death he gets medical attention. Shippuuden filler arc has a technique that can literally kill the victim with a kiss she asks if the victim wants French or soft by sucking out their soul and their life force. Possibly, she was indeed capable of doing this; however, it was all an illusion meant to distract him from the actual move she intended to use to finish him off, and he snapped out of it before she managed it.

In the movie Shinobi: Heart Under Blade, inspired by the same novel that led to the creation feath BasiliskKagerou also has this as her ability but as a result of having been fed poison her entire life. She uses this ability to kill off a wild-man shinobi early in the movie.

In SpeciesSil kills someone while kissing him by sticking her super lucky games kiss of death out through the back of his head. Subverted rather creepily in The Mummy when Imhotep, who is mostly regenerated at this point, happens upon Evey while she is sleeping and kisses her. While they seath, his face rots away until his whole mouth is in it's former state. She wakes up while this happens. Sort of like a reverse kiss super lucky games kiss of death undeath. Rogue's powers absorb the life force of anyone she touches.

She has no control over this ability, and it first emerged while she was kissing her boyfriend, putting him into a three-week coma. In the second film, trying to kiss Bobby has a similar effect, but they end the kiss before fames real harm comes to him. She uses this to dispose of a Japanese man who mistook her games a prostitute.

In Kull the Conqueror the Red Witch gives such a kiss to Kull, though taking a liking to him, she does not give him the fatal version. Apparently she could have if she lucly. At the end of the movie, she beckons deqth him with a promise of a kiss she's transformed into a fugly demon by that point btw and Kull gives her his own kiss of death, forcing the Breath of Valka into her body.

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  • As Genma and the rest of the Tendos gather, Ranma explains what's happened.

Folklore Most forms of the "Vampire's Kiss". A Polish folksong known as 'The Kiss' tells the miss of a young girl who gets kissed thrice by an unknown man strongly hinted to be some form of a demon. She dies later that licky, after relating the event to her mother.


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