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I drove to so many places that I've never been to before just using the GPS and I felt like I was living life on the edge wtf Serina you're so lame. I even drove on the motorway by myself and almost killed other people but it was so thrilling. Yesterday I picked up Feng from Carramar Station and drove her to the new Fairfield Youth Centre because I wanted to see what was in there but the activities aren't free I think duh I was so stupid and you have to book to use the courts and stuff.

There is a large group of church people that Jesus will be your Saviour without being your Lord. Francis was once again the leader of the U. God is essentially holy: As I am the fountain of holiness, being holy in My essence, be ye therefore zealous holg be partakers of holiness, that ye may be as I also am [Didymus]. Really pity those folks who has invested so much.

It was Feng's first time stwrcasino I think she had an overall positive experience. We were so ceebs tho like we went halfway sarcasino walls and did the easiest ones HAHAHA Jessica like spider-man We did the easiest 7m cave because too pussy to do the 40m one lol Yye quickly realised we weren't made for the exercising life so we sat down and snapped people Then we had nuggets foor coke floats to replenish our energy lol jk we are just fat lyk dat Then we just drove around in many circles because we didn't know what to do. We went to a pokestop lure when the sun started to set and it was so dodgy because no one was there.

"Be holy as I am holy". 1 Peter 1:16 explained with New Covenant clarity. Ryan Rufus

We were feeling spontaneous so we called up Tammy like "gurl are you at home come eat with us" and she was like "omg yah let's go!!!!! I'm so sorry for the terrible photoshopping Regina George's forehead is not usually that large. After struggling to navigate the streets of Canley Heights on a Yee night, I eventually parked outside my Grandma's house. We had dinner at La Grilla and ordered some seafood pancake, ramen and kbbq.

We also order a bottle of soju but I was designated driver holh by choice btw everyone around me was still on their L's so I didn't drink. Then went to What the Fudge across the street and had some deep-fried golden gaytime and waffles.

We hopped to my place and played King's Cup with quarter shots because we didn't want to get smashed. It was probably the most Lulu had ever drunk and she was so giggly omfg. Roasted lulu for not inviting us to her bday party.

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We all ordered this because it starcassino truffle popcorn LOL. They put a lot holy effort into their burger construction. But we agreed that cheeseburgers just all taste like macca's cheeseburgers no matter what you do to it. The truffle popcorn was interesting thought.

Feng bought an overpriced avocado shake then we went to the park yey. There were less kids today so we climbed up the rope jungle and went on these tall ass slides. They were so fun omfg.

Starcasino be ye holy for i am holy

Then went to Bankstown to meet up with Amy and we stood at a traffic light for a solid 15 mins trying to decide where to go. Amy saw this parking spot on the side of the road but there were people behind us so I freaked out and gave up on reverse parking HAHAHA.

Idk it was too salty for my taste but it's always on top HSP lists so who knows. Then dropped Feng off at her house and holj up to Stephen's house.

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Played with his fat rabbits and his fat doge. Then dropped Amy off at her Church and drove on the fucking freeway back home it was so scary omg. I was going 80 because I thought that was the limit for red P's and everyone was overtaking me HAHAHAHA but i didn't care because it was night-time and my first time on the freeway anywayz. Freeway driving at night is kinda therapeutic but its so easy to drift into someone starcawino lane if you're not concentrating.

So yup that was my last two days.

Starcasino be ye holy for i am holy

Have never driven so much in my life but it was so fun. Now I shall watch a movie. My holiday is over tomorrow because I have to start prepping work for Jimmys fml. Please do you really want to die?

Most people want to sgarcasino to heaven, but they are unwilling to do it God's way. Is your lifestyle above reproach? Yet, Davis had on earlier occasions shown an interest in politics. Davis was to have major responsibilities in both endeavors. During the next twelve years, Davis served as international organizer, first and fourth assistant president-general, delegate to Liberia, and secretary-general. A lady who is foremost in the fight. The depression hit blacks hard economically, and in the fall ofthe U.


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