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These three packs are available to order online right now, but Skylanderd would have to guess they probably won't ship until Monday or later past the street date.

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Quick Thoughts It's nice to see that Hard-Boiled Flare Wolf no longer has the creepy red eyes that we saw in the rendering. It appears they're blue and now fit the color scheme much better.

I do expect to see all of these packs in other retailers eventually, but probably not for two weeks or so. We know that the Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack is scheduled for March 12th so I would anticipate that we'll see the rest of Wave 4 and the Easter Bit8caskno hit other retails about the same time. They were both register locked for Monday, but they were kind enough to let me purchase skyoanders since they were already out on the shelf.

Stayforeverskylanders After eating ww Captain Flynn has the enchanted cinnamon for dessert. We have have both regular versions of these figures already, but this is first time we've seen Air Strike in a Single Pack he's previously been exclusive to the Gryphon Park Observatory Adventure Pack. This is definitely ending on a high note. These are this year's Easter variants.

There were none of hit8casino other Wave 4 items out that I could find. Big fines can come from overriding register lock. I know that can lead to big problems for retailers, but I did continue reading about a number of people who were able sskylanders walk out of the store with the Easter variants in hand today.

We could override it.

Skylanders Imaginators - OMG! WAVE 5 + NEW ADVENTURE PACK WITH RO-BOW !!!

But some people know that they can get in big trouble. Toys r us policy is to hold it for you. Like if an item comes in with no hold date on the box or in our system, they will override it.

Http www bit8casino com wave 4 skylanders

D77 I believe that is what happened in my case. The workers mentioned the figures not having a strict hold date on them until they were scanned at the registerso that is probably why I was allowed to purchase them. It was, of course, register locked. Stayforeverskylanders I went to ToysRUs and they did not have them yet.

  • Wave 4 Creation Crystals We're still trying to figure out exactly what Crystals are shipping in Wave 4, but yesterday we did get some good news.
  • Box Altoona, WI
  • JimyMahr Pre Wave 4, I think only Water, Undead and Life have all molds released, with every other element lacking one, so doing the maths…..

That just means on Monday I will go to every store in the area which is part of the fun. That is why the Amazon exclusives and missing figures is a pain. There is nothing like the childlike thrill of going into a store and seeing the figure you really wanted or a figure that surprised you because you forgot it was coming out so soon. I was giddy and my adrenaline started pumpin like I had found I buried treasure.

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It was such a thrill. Jacky i really understand the feeling, I go skylander hunting with my 8 yr old son and I httl I enjoy the hunting as much as he does. I thought I was the oldest Skylander collector out there at


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