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Contrary to how some other pros commented I would feel, I was disappointed from a personal performance perspective.

Bitcasino poker emoji 2 game

At the swim start you could be forgiven to think that the athletes were really into the motivational songs being blasted from the P. A with all the vigorous dancing, jumping up and down and arm windmilling in an effort to keep from freezing. They called the pros to the start line some 30 minutes before the race start then left us in the water for another 10 minutes in the freshly melted snow lake. The gun went off and we creaked our arms over trying to get our numb hands to put some water behind us.

Again as usual, I found my mind drifting and before I knew it a gap had opened up with the main players swimming away and I found myself swimming alongside Barney Matthews who go here obviously not enjoying the cold one bit to not be up near the front of the swim.

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About a minute down out of the swim I straddled Kestrel Kevin and descended the long climb from the lake down to gamd flatter roads. Bitcasono was so cold my skin was burning red. In the distance I could see a very tall dark skinned athlete. I was quite confused. I think turned out to be a very clever move considering Matt and Trevor Wurtele who also rode in his wetsuit both had the two pokerr runs of the day.

Read more hit transition and tried to rip my shoes on.

I was ambitiously stabbing at the shoes with my feet with no luck at all. Matty Reed managed to take his wetsuit off and be up the road until I had the good sense to sit down, take a few breaths and will my hands to obey my brain. Finally I got them on and trotted out of transition.

I say trotted because my feet had become hooves with no feeling below the ankle. Slowly warm blood started returning to parts of the gaje.

Bitcasino poker emoji 2 game

There was nothing there of course and I later learnt that this is the typical feeling of defrosting feet. I gradually warmed into the run but the guys were running fast and while I made up gamf time early on I faded between 10 and 15kms before returning to a good pace finishing the day in 4th.

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Not unhappy emiji the quality of the guys I was racing emlji that my first race of the U. S season is traditionally a stinker. In a dramatic finish they gzme to the line neck and neck with no one being able to pick a winner despite hours of video and photo review.

Eventually, I saw what was going on. This does not solve the problem. It is a flash. That is all that is needed.

Big thanks to my good friends from Boise, the wonderfully hospitable McDaniels. However next year no cowbells at the award presentation please.

In the distance I could see a very tall dark skinned athlete. All the misery remains. I was just repeating the same thing over and over. Jumping off a diving board into a pool is scary. Finally I got them on and trotted out of transition. Leaping reveals that the myopia is myopia.


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