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By all means, please feel free to laugh at my disgusting choices I'll let you do the math on how much that cost me. But I believed in Bitcoin.

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The original plan was just to hold them forever. I decided to try my hand at trading altcoins.

Crypto casino reddit 95

I started off with Siacoin this was back when there was hype around Siacoin. Put in 10 bitcoins into Sia, at satoshis Next day, Siacoin went up to satoshis. I was like "Cool, this is easy, I just made a couple thousand dollars in a day.

Three days later, it went up as well. All Click have to do is buy altcoins low and sell high. As long as I HODL and don't sell in panic and just wait it out until it rises, everything should be fine. Basically, over the course of June, I invested pretty much ALL of my Bitcoins into alts, thinking they were going to keep going up and up.

Cryoto was pure greed. Of course I should've just kept it in Bitcoin. Of course I should've done my research on some of these altcoins.

No more than 2 memes on the top page. Earning money, keeping it, and growing it are different skills. It was pure greed. By the way, I know cqsino when you compare it to USD value, not all of these altcoins have dropped that much. This subreddit is intended for open discussions on all subjects related to emerging crypto-currencies and crypto-assets.

Of course I should've not bought it at the very fucking peak before all the altcoins crashed. Curious to see how badly I fucked up?

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Feel reedit to roast me, cause you could not get more stupid than this especially putting that much money and faith into some of these altcoins. Cause I was stupid. Reddot did I keep holding onto these coins despite the massive fall in value? Cause I believed they "crypto casino reddit 95" eventually turn around.

I totally get you if you think I'm making up this story and how could anyone be stupid enough to spend BTC crypto casino reddit 95 Siacoin. I thought Siacoin would keep going up, and I could make a quick profit. The only mistake I haven't made is sold any of the coins at a loss. Still hoping that eventually some of these might go back up to the value they were before, and I can sell them off at break even. Of course I'm tempted to sell them all. Take any BTC I can get for them.

  • By the same token, do not doxx other redditors even if they engaged in an illicit activity.
  • Curious to see how badly I fucked up?
  • Three days later, it went up as well.

Maybe put it into NEO that train already left though go here some other altcoin that I hope will blow up. But of course that too would be an impulsive mistake. I'm just scared shitless, so I hold.

I've made every single mistake I could made, except selling at rddit loss.

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But the people who say "hold" usually didn't spend BTC on altcoins and watched their portfolio go down to about BTC. By the way, I know that when you compare it to 59 value, not all of these altcoins have dropped that much. But that's not what I look at. What I care about is BTC value. Trust me, I know how much I fucked up. I genuinely don't know how to make this any less of a fuck-up. To answer some questions that have popped up: Some of you are having a hard time believing someone who has this type of money can lose it in such a stupid way.

Earning money, keeping go here, and growing it are different skills.

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I fucked up on the last two. A few of you asked how I bought Bitcoins all at once. Minimum buy order is 25K. You negotiate a bid, then you wire them the money, and they send the BTC to your wallet. I don't have any Crypto casino reddit 95.

No more than 2 promotional posts per coin on the top page. The above rules are only as good as they are enforced. I sold it when it got to break even, and then it exploded to current levels. Titles must be in English. No low-effort content asking for baseless price speculations e.

I sold it when it got to break even, and then it exploded to current levels. So not only did I fuck up by investing in alts that went down, the one single coin that went up, I sold before it exploded. I will reply to comments. I'm just catching up and reading everything that everyone posted and taking it here in.

Thank you to everyone who replied.


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