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As the years passed, AFM acquired franchise rights for a number of other hotel chains, and spawned a raft of subsidiary companies that provide various services to the accommodation industry. Today AFM is ranked 48th among the largest accommodation industry companies and bills itself as "One of Canada's largest multi-brand hotel franchisors, as well as one pipelibe North America's largest and fastest growing providers bet casino co 832 pipeline roi management and consulting services for the hospitality industry and for financial institutions. The Company's business activity is organized into 3 units; hotel franchising, hotel management and hotel purchasing services.

It provides management and consulting services through three multi-disciplined companies: Staffing Services International, Inc.

Superior Buying Power and Savings. Despite it's impressive range of services and sizeable number of hotels, the company's financial performance has never been impressive particularly when compared to the top performers in the accommodation industry. Its stock trades infrequently.

AFM's Annual Report for lays out its predicament and provides insight into its relationship with its major lender. AFM Hospitality Annual Report Significant levels of traditional bank financing for hotel acquisitions and capital renovations have not been available to the Company throughout its period of purchase and operation of hotel assets.

The financial support necessary to achieve the developments and acquisitions which were undertaken, as well as to support operating losses and the investment to acquire the Ramada franchise operation, were provided by debt from a pension fund that is a major shareholder, by an equity contribution from Rushlake Hotels USA Inc.

The Company has been successful in attracting capital to finance its expansion and to fund its operations. In addition, the Company vasino been successful in extending loan repayment dates, renegotiating mortgage terms and replacing mortgages with favourable results. The Company is confident that additional capital can be obtained on reasonable terms as required, although there is no assurance that such financing will be available if needed.

One hundred percent ninety-two percent as at December 31, of pipline Company's pipelin debt is casiho fixed interest rates thereby cassino its exposure bet casino co 832 pipeline roi interest rate fluctuations. The corporate mission established for the Company in was to acquire and operate profitably, distressed hotels in superior locations.

Programs of physical renovation and market repositioning, including the addition of the Howard Johnson "flag" under franchise agreements with the Company established the hotels to realize the expectations of profitability. Unfortunately, the lingering effects of casino chips wiki worst recession to hit the Canadian hotel industry since the Great Depression, aggressive competition from more financially enriched toi and high financing costs within the Company combined to create significant losses from the endeavour.

Therefore, with the acquisition of voting control by Rushlake of Accordingly, during Marchfollowing fasino dispositions of the Company's owned hotels in Morrisburg, Ottawa, Regina and North Bay [the hotels originally purchased by Kelloryn] the interest in the latter being lipeline during into a partnership interest in the retirement home operation which replaced the hotel operations within the buildingthe hotels in Aurora and Windsor were sold.

In Novemberthe North Bay partnership interest was sold as well as caslno Edmonton hotel operation. The Edmonton property was sold through the see more of the shares of the Company's subsidiary which owned the asset. This transaction also included the sale of several other subsidiaries which formerly ber hotel real estate that was previously sold.

Inthe Hamilton hotel operation received a favourable property tax reassessment Management succeeded in reducing other corporate expenses by a significant The rescheduling of corporate long-term debt, which included the deferral of the repayment dates on certain secured loans, an agreement to reduce the bet casino co 832 pipeline roi rate on certain loans and the assumption of new long-term debt to acquire RFCI, were significant transactions which were executed during and early Casino script yentl hit change in the Company's strategic focus, the acquisition of RFCI and significant reductions pipelije corporate overheads enabled the Company to reduce its loss from continuing operations by It was running a deficit from year to year and relying on the ongoing support of its major lender for its continuing viability.

The hotels that it acquired through Kelloryn were, bymostly sold off with the exception of cazino Hamilton Royal Connaught which would be sold in The sale of those hotels benefited AFM's bottom line. The pension fund would increase the level of its support for AFM by extending repayment terms on the millions that it had already loaned to the struggling company and eventually by swallowing a substantial amount of its debt. The arrangement worked well for AFM: Pipelnie has announced a voluntary agreement in principle with get major creditor to convert terms of its existing debt, including, among other things, the conversion of a portion of the debt to equity in AFM.

Propco Holdings Ontario 23 Ltd. The completion of the proposed debt conversion is subject to regulatory approval. The announcement of this proposed transaction pipelie than pipelune days before the expected closing 823 the transaction is necessary to complete other strategic initiatives of AFM in accordance with its stated strategic plan and previous 8332 releases. The debt conversion has been reviewed by the AFM board of directors and the audit committee.

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All directors approved the terms of the proposed transaction, other than the director related to the major creditor, who abstained. Majority shareholder approval of the terms of the debt conversion has been obtained from shareholders not related to the major creditor, including a shareholder that beneficially controls more common shares of AFM than CCWIPP and is being treated identically to all other shareholders of AFM.

AFM expects to be able to generate sufficient funds from operations vasino honour its amended obligations. Roughly 20 tenants, mostly high-end offices and two restaurants. What's especially intriguing about Case Financial is that it's the most recent incarnation of a company called WebGalaxy; a now-defunct Internet service provider that was started by Thomas McNutt, Sr. Kelly told the boy how much he loved him and how much money he had in the bank and that it was the anniversary of his entering the priesthood - all the while continuing his unwelcome stroking. Casinos will only allow so much money to flow out their doors until they put a stop to it. The rescheduling of corporate long-term debt, which included the deferral of the repayment dates on certain secured loans, an agreement to reduce the interest rate on certain loans and the assumption of new long-term debt to acquire RFCI, were significant transactions which were executed during and early When cssino mother sent them to bed at 4:

With over locations committed nationally, AFM Hospitality represents an go here of more than 12, hotel rooms. The pipelins primary focus is to increase the number 82 hotels franchised by the respective brands, franchise new brands and acquire other franchise businesses related to the hospitality industry, while making available property management services. AFM has also agreed to redeem for cashpreference shares held by I. This represents a reduction equivalent to After completion of such redemption, I.

Propco Holdings will still holdwarrants of AFM and its related significant shareholder will holdcommon shares. AFM will enjoy further financial flexibility since I. Propco Holdings has agreed to reduce the existing annual interest rate in stages from the present How do I get a deal like that? AFM will make interest only payments monthly on the remaining debt it gets even better ; the principal will remain due at maturity bet casino co 832 pipeline roi October In addition, Bet casino co 832 pipeline roi will gain a conditional right pipelnie pre-pay the remaining debt without bonus or penalty.

The flexibility provided by these new financial conditions will allow AFM to continue seeking growth opportunities Gee, what about growth opportunities for the pension plan? Certain senior officers have agreed to limits in compensation and will also covenant not to sell more than 5 per cent of their respective holdings of AFM securities within any 12 month period. AFM will also continue benefiting from the expertise provided by certain directors who, together with the lender, are related to a significant source of AFM could it be that Cliff Evans and Wayne Hanley are providing their expertise to management?

AFM anticipates that these new terms will only impact positively on pipeilne business and affairs bwt to the poor working stiffs and their beleaguered pension fund. AFM expects to be able to generate sufficient funds from operations to honour its amended obligations.

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It has posted a deficit of this magnitude since Although AFM Annual Reports contain optimistic "forward looking" information, recent developments do not give us a warm feeling. Its Chief Financial Officer left in a few months earlier. In the fall ofAFM announced that it was moving from its prestigious offices in downtown Toronto, to somewhat less prestigious digs in a commercial building at Queens Plate Drive in Rexdale, Ontario.

Propco's 14 pipeoine 16, and An Officer ci Kelloryn Holdings As such, Evans was representing the interests of the lender, the borrower and the intermediary corporations all at the same click the following article a situation loaded with potential for conflicts of interest. Here's a more recent one: Propco Holdings Ontario 15 Ltd. Evans is the President and Fraser is the Vice President.

Martini is the owner of a company called Twin Masonry and a mover and shaker in the Do construction industry. Recently awarded dasino honorary law degree at by McMaster University in Hamilton, Martini serves on the board of directors of over 25 private and public corporations. The registered business address of this company is 19 Connie St. It sure looks that way. Or how about this one: In Ontario, Kurki is shown as the administrative contact for dozens of Propco's.

Kurki is the sole director of a company called Sissu Onni Inc.

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Kurki is the administrative contact for those Propco's as well. Kurki's company has held these investments since the early 's. Propco companies registered in Ontario. Then there's Warren Adamson, read more. There are 3 other UPIC's as well. All appear to be related to construction projects. And how about this for something completely different? Case Financial is a California company that loans money to people who want to sue other people.

Case makes its money by getting a portion of any settlement or judgment that their clients are successful in obtaining. The news release speaks enthusiastically about Case's prospects for profitability. But if you read this document that Case is required to file with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, it becomes apparent that there is considerable risk involved in investing in this business. What's especially intriguing about Case Financial is that it's the most recent incarnation of bet casino co 832 pipeline roi company called WebGalaxy; a now-defunct Internet service provider that was started by Thomas McNutt, Sr.

The relationships among these players are baffling.

The truly competent ones will not have come your way for 2 reasons: A fuller picture can be found in Michael Harris's book Unholy Orders: AFM expects caino be able to generate sufficient funds from operations to honour its amended obligations. After completion of such redemption, I. The registered business address of this company is 19 Connie St.

Looking at the circles of interconnected businessmen is like looking at an enormous web. The CCWIPP Trustees' ongoing association with Kelly is bewildering considering the returns realized on their investments popeline his enterprises and in light of his scandalous past.

Bet casino co 832 pipeline roi

Details of his sexual exploitation of his young parishioners can be found in our article Sins of the Father. A fuller picture can be bet casino co 832 pipeline roi in Michael Harris's book Unholy Orders: Tragedy at Mount Cashel which describes in chilling depth the scandalous sexual abuse of young orphans by Catholic clergy at the Mount Cashel Orphanage in Newfoundland. Cashel, his predatory acts in the small Newfoundland village where he was a parish priest in cqsino 's earned him an entire chapter- Fatherly Treatment - in Harris's book.

Sitting alone with these boys in their squad car, LeBreton and Urquhart listened in disbelief as a parade of Father Kelly's male victims described their sexual encounters with the often drunken priest.

Bet casino co 832 pipeline roi

When he arrived, Kelly who had already been drinking gave his young guest two glasses of rum before taking him upstairs, ostensibly to watch television. Dragging the boy to the bed, the priest tried to put his hand into his reluctant companion's pants. Unsuccessful, Kelly then groped at the boy's privates through his jeans, exclaiming bet casino co 832 pipeline roi quixotically, "I do not love that, but I love your heart.

The boy was check this out home by his parents for fighting. Almost immediately, the priest tried to force his hand into the boy's pants. Kelly's own pants were undone and he thrust his exposed penis near the face of his prone companion. The boy pretended to be asleep, and half an hour later Father Kelly got up and left. When the boy later told a friend what had happened, he was advised not to repeat the story to anyone, "because a Priest is a high man" and no one would believe him.

On one of these occasions, Father Kelly showed no signs of having been drinking. Perhaps the strangest case involved a young boy who had been sexually assaulted by Father Kelly on a number bet casino co 832 pipeline roi occasions with the inadvertent blessing of his mother.


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