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I have a question: I am interested in things like profitability, what it takes to start a casino: I look forward to hearing from you. Deva from New Jersey, USA This is not my area of expertise but if you're interested in bitcasino sportsbook ncaa your own online casino check out apprisal sites of some of the software providers like Microgaming or Boss Media.

For a cut of the profits, they provide the software and much of the support. You can also buy an established online casino, check out the list at the River City Group for specifics. I'm afraid I don't know much about buying conventional casinos, but believe the process to get licensed to be very bt and time consuming.

How much does a Las Vegas casino chip weigh Travis from Albuquerque, USA According to Gus FanFassian, a casino quality chip will weigh 9 to 11 grams each and are made of clay and other composite materials. When is guh best time to tip and where should you place that tip? Should you tell the dealer that you are tipping them? I am often concerned about the eye in the sky and where I place a tip, how much to tip, and what to say about the tip.

Josiah from South Haven, Michigan In general, almost everything at the table should be communicated through hand signals and chip placement, including tipping. The vast majority of the time players make a bet for the dealer. To do this, place the tip on the edge of the betting circle, along with your own bet in the middle. The tip is not subject to the table minimum since it is treated as part of your own bet, just earmarked for the dealer.

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If you double or split your own bet you should do the same for the dealer's bet. If you win, then the dealer will pay off your bet and the tip separately. Don't touch bet casino co gun appraisal tip or the winnings on the tip; let the dealer collect them. Once I forgot that I had made a bet for the dealer and started to put the tip and the winnings in my stack when the dealer said, "I thought that was for me!

However most casino gift shops sell them and they are indeed allowed at the tables. Why do casinos offer buffets as their restaurant? Keep in apprzisal that you won't win more money by taking the odds, you just get to bet more without losing more in the long gub. Manufacturers appraisal claims about supposed benefits of ozone, but I do not believe there is any proven effect on health or "happiness". The dealer will hopefully alert the pit boss that you have a player card and he will start to rate you based on your average bet, length of play, and sometimes your skill level. As to the question posed by a writer of "Are you supposed to tip the person who pays you if you hit a slot machine for an amount not paid by the machine itself? Other than that, counterfeit chips are not a problem you hear of often in Las Vegas.

Why don't you hear about people trying to counterfeit casino chips? It seems to be way easier than trying to print U. Bob This is way out of my area of expertise. Other than that, counterfeit chips are not aplraisal problem you hear of often in Las Vegas. Your analysis of various side bets like Streak, Pair Square and others was very interesting.

Do the casinos employ guys like you to compute the probabilities?

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If the trial period went well, then the owner can then apply for appraissl permanent license. The entire process is very slow and it is difficult to get a casino to be the guinea pig for the trial period. Casinos are actually quite risk averse in their business decisions. Thanks for answering my questions.

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I want to deposit as much as I can at good casinos casiino take advantage of the "new player" bonus but how much do you think is too much? What's been your experience? Don't worry about depositing too much money. I almost always deposit the maximum when playing for a bonus. What is much more likely to arouse suspicion is not playing enough. Some bet casino co gun appraisal offer "comps" for different levels of action.

I was wondering if there was a way of approximating how much I would have to wager to earn these comps. See more indicate what one Vegas Strip casinos assumes for house edge and hands per hour in my house edge summary. Are Indian Casinos held to the same standards please click for source non-Indian?

Is the pay out regulated as overall bet month or regulated per machine? If payout is overall, couldn't a casino adjust payouts for any machine at any time of day or week? When walking into one of these "Indian" casinos, I can stand for five minutes, listen to the bells and tunes, and know if it will be a good day.

Take slot machines with fixed payouts and listen, given the same number of players should produce the same frequency of sounds. I think all of the new machines are networked and changed based on overall psychological factors of the players. There is generally a tribal commission that will hear disputes, but ultimately the members of the commission know which side of their bread gets buttered. Don't assume any kind of minimum return on the slot machines. However, ultimately economics would dictate that a return too low would be sensed by players, who would be unlikely to return if they consistently lost too much money too quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions Q. We had the wonderful fortune of meeting and working with our knowledgeable social worker for all of our adoptions. They helped make a hard decision easier. I am a dealer in a small rural casino and disagree with your comments against tip sharing April 4 column. Keep in mind that you won't win more money by taking the odds, you just get to bet more without losing more in the long run.

It would also be bad business, and time consuming, to loosen and tighten the slots like a yo-yo. Your sound level hypothesis sounds interesting, I never thought of that. I'm a floor supervisor at a local casino and was wondering about a strange play. A player was betting both the pass and don't pass at the same time. Now that he is betting both sides, and probably not risking any funds, what would the average bet be? I know if this patron bet both the red and black on roulette, he should get an average bet of both bets on red and black, since the house advantage of 5.

Ray from Plainfield, USA Show me a player making opposite, or near opposite, bets and I'll show you a player up to something. He is probably trying to take advantage of a promotion or comps. If I ran a casino, I would give credit only for money being risked. However, that will source 1 in 36 pass line bets only. Are all junket companies the same? If we want to visit other casinos and let them pick up the airfare, et.

However, I rarely see advertisements for junkets any longer by airplane. I would suggest calling the casino host of a casino you like and prearranging a deal.

Bet casino co gun appraisal

However, I think you need to be a black chip player to get free hotel and airfare reimbursed. Is there a casino that teaches how to play craps? Many casinos give free gambling bet casino co gun appraisal in the mornings when things are slow. Where is the best casino in Las Vegas to play Spanish 21? To the best of my knowledge they are the only casino in Las Vegas which stands on a soft 17 in Spanish 21, lowering the house edge from 0.

The Venetian later switched to hitting a soft Have you ever considered the impact caisno href="">visit web page commissions i.

Why do casinos offer buffets as their restaurant? It would seem low limits would favor the casino, rather than the player, since statistically, the longer you play the more you will lose. However, that will happen 1 in 36 pass line bets only. I would imagine my theoretical value has a direct click to compatibility from a house point of view. What are your casino choices in Atlantic City for craps and Spanish 21? You will get stiffed sometimes, it doesn't matter. I would like to bet casino co gun appraisal the house way before I play. Is there a website you know which lists the Vegas casinos and their BJ rules?

Although they require a lot of capital to begin with, commissions reduce house odds. I've done some calculations and it seems as though if you play say basic strategy in blackjack you can get slight odds in your favor even without counting cards! Have you done apprasal calculations before and if so, what was the result?

Siew from Sydney, Australia Assuming you could get paid for your play then yes, it would be very possible to make bet casino co gun appraisal profit from playing junkets, depending on if the commission is more than the expected loss gambling. I've heard of a professional gamblers exploiting such offers in Asian casinos. Where is the best click at this page to play Blackjack in Atlantic City and why?

Mike and Taffy M. As bet casino co gun appraisal as I know, they are the only Atlantic City casino to offer late surrender, which lowers the house edge from 0. Is Binion's Horseshoe the only casino that will let appraiisal win millions without being asked to leave? Why would a casino ask someone to leave if they are not cheating?

  • If these exist what hotel in Las Vegas would use them?
  • It can make it smell like the air after a lightning storm, which some might find stimulating, especially if there is smoking going on in the room.
  • A home purchase time frame is tied to the closing date set by the seller and the buyer in your Purchase and Sales agreement.

Jim from Winona, Minnesota No casino that had any sense would ask someone to leave just for getting lucky. Most would try hard to keep them from leaving and entice them back once they returned home. What is the best method for receiving comps from slot attendants when playing slot machines? However Jean Scott "the Queen of Comps" says you should establish a relationship with a casino host anywhere you plan to play a lot. Then ask them for a comp after you bet casino co gun appraisal given them sufficient play.

What are your casino choices in Atlantic City for craps and Spanish 21? When you mention that it is wise to take full odds on a bet while playing craps, do you mean to match your bet with an equal odds bet, or to make the highest allowed odds bet along with your bet ex: I love your site, and honestly see it as "a diamond in the rough" among gambling advice web sites. Personally, I like to know what the mathematical odds are when it comes to wagering my hard earned money!

Bet casino co gun appraisal

click Thanks in advance for answering my questions! Dave from Roanoke, Virginia Thanks for the compliment. The Spanish 21 rules are the same across Atlantic City. When I say to take the maximum odds I mean bet the maximum allowed on the odds. Keep in mind that you won't win more money by taking the odds, you just get to bet more without losing more bet casino co gun appraisal the long run.

I like to click when playing Pai Gow Poker in Nevada casinos. In Tahoe I can usually bank every other hand. I'm in Vegas far less often and there are more casinos to check out.

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Do you know which ones will allow you to bank every other hand at a full table if no other players wish to bank? It seems to be one in seven some places and one in twelve others. A sucker bet, but as a banker I like it when other players bet it. They'll often set their hand for the jackpot paid by the house at the expense of there standard wager against me by splitting two high pair to play a straight with 2 singletons, or keeping a full house together and putting two singletons up instead of 3 down, pair up.


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