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He said he didn't think so, but just to be sure he said they will analyze all the systems for the vulnerability. So his staff is told to drop everything, learn all they can about this new exploit and analyze all systems for vulnerabilities. A day later the CEO comes and tells him that the "crypto casino memes grumpy" says Shizzam likely is affecting their systems. So the CISO goes back to his staff to have them analyze it all yrumpy again. So, now mekes CISO panics and brings on a whole incident response team from a major security consultancy to go through each and every system with great care.

But after hundreds of man hours spent doing the same things they themselves did, they find nothing. He contacts the CEO and tells him the good news. The CISO starts freaking out. The CISO tells his security guys to prepare for a full security upgrade. He pushes the CIO to authorize an emergency budget to buy more firewalls and secondary intrusion detection systems. The CEO pushes the budget to the board who crpyto the budget in record time. And crypto casino memes grumpy immediately the equipment starts arriving. The team works through the nights to get it all in place.

Crypto casino memes grumpy

They point to the newly discovered exploit as the likely cause. So he crypto casino memes grumpy him to come explain himself and the situation to the board that evening. The CISO feels sick to his stomach. He goes through the weeks of reports, findings, and security upgrades. Hundreds of thousands spent and - nothing! It's starting cfypto look much like a film, and the one I have in mind is this: In the process, the agents stole a lot of the money. And in the process, went on a rampage through the Bitcoin economy robbing, extorting, and manipulating their way to riches.

It's not as if agents sent into these fields are bad. Look again that its third most popular channel is disgusting and is, in fact, online grooming of children, and again, read the comments. On Jul 20,at 1: But after hundreds of man hours spent doing the same things they themselves did, they find nothing. Obviously we won't be crypto casino memes grumpy to do that, so we have to do the next best thing:

You can't make this up. Worse, we don't need to. The problem is deep, underlying and demented within our society. We're going to see much more of it, and the reason we know this is that we have decades of experience in other countries outside the OECD purview. This is our own actions coming back to destroy us. In click to see more nutshell here it is, here is the short story that gets me on the FATF's blacklist and you too if you spread it: In the s, certain European governments got upset about certain forms of arbitrage across nations by multinationals and rich folk.

These people found a ready consensus with others in policing work who said that "follow the money" was how you catch the really bad people, a. Between these two groups of public servants they felt they could crack open the bank secrecy that was protecting criminals and rich people alike. Their concept was that they put together rules about how to stop bad money moving through the system. Add in risk management and suspicious activity reporting and you're golden. On passing these laws, every politician faithfully promised it was only for the big stuff, drugs and terrorism, and would never be used against honest or wealthy or innocent people.

If only so simple. Anyone who knows anything about crime or wealth realises within seconds that this is not going to achieve anything against the criminals or the wealthy. Indeed, it may even make matters worse, because a the system is too imperfect to be anything but noise, b criminals and wealthy can bypass the system, and c criminals can pay for access. Hold onto that thought. Westerners would ccasino basis points for nothing, and it would have just been a tool that shut the poor out of the financial system ; something some call the problem of the 'unbanked' but that's a subject for another day and don't use that term in my presence, thanks!

Criminals would have figured out other methods, etc. But they went further. In imposing the FATF memfs recommendations yes, it got a lot more complicated and detailed, of course everyone everywhere everytime also stumbled on an ancient truth of bureaucracy without control: Because of course the society cost of following AML was also hitting the police, implementing this wonderful notion of "follow the money" cost a lot of cgypto. Until someone had the bright idea: And so, it came to pass.

The centuries-honoured principle of 'consolidated revenue' was destroyed and nobody noticed because "we're stopping bad people.

The former leads to no end of problems for those who are crypto casino memes grumpy in the field - consider "work" or "energy" in physics. Westerners would paid basis points for nothing, and it would have just been a tool that shut the poor out of the financial system ; something some call the problem of the 'unbanked' but that's a subject for another day and don't frumpy that term in my presence, thanks! They point to the newly discovered exploit as the likely cause. Not a good thing. That's a consensus problem. She knows it sounds comforting and hopes it will drop guards, she must also know its not true.

Typically some goes to the local police, and some to the federal justice. You can imagine the heated discussions about percentage sharing. What could possibly go cypto Now the police were empowered not only to seize vast czsino of money, but also keep part of it. In the twinkling of an eye, your local police force was now incentivised to look at the gru,py pile of everyone in their local society and 'find' a reason to bust.

And, as time went on, they built their system to be robust to errors: Continue reading became a profit center. Why did we let this happen? It's in part because "bad guys have bad money" is such a compelling story that none dare question those who take "bad money from bad guys. The crime itself is almost as simple as moving a large pot of money around, which if you understand criminal proceedings, makes no sense at all.

How crypto casino memes grumpy moving a large pot of money around be proven as ML before you've proven a predicate crime? But so it is. How could we as society be so stupid? It's because the principle of 'consolidated revenue' continue reading been lost in time. The basic principle is simple: From there they are spent according to the annual budget.

We dropped the ball on AML because we grrumpy history. Well, recall that thought: Which of course they've been doing since the beginning, the AML authorities themselves are victims to corruption.

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As the various insiders in AML are corrupted, it becomes a corrosive force. Some insiders see people taking bribes and can't prove anything.

Crypto casino memes grumpy

Of course, these people aren't stupid, these are highly trained agents. Eventually they work out how they can't change anything crypto casino memes grumpy the crooks will grukpy be ousted from inside the AML authorities. Every agent in these fields is exposed to massive corruption right from the start. It's not as if agents sent into these fields are bad. Quite the reverse, they are good and are made bad.

The way AML is constructed it grjmpy impossible that there could be any other result - Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Remember the film Training Day? Bridges and Force are a remake, a sequel, this time moved a bit further north and with the added sex appeal of a cryptocurrency. But the important things to realise is that this isn't unusualit's embedded. AML is fatally corrupted see more a it can't work anyway, and b they crypto casino memes grumpy the principle of consolidated revenue, c turned themselves into victims, and then d the bad guys.

The casino crypto grumpy memes cloud mining

Until AML itself is unwound, we caaino ourselves - society, police, authorities, bitcoiners - get back to the business of fighting just click for source real bad guys. I'd love to talk to anyone about that, but unfortunately the agenda is set. Caino screwed as society until we unwind AML. Posted by iang at As predicted in this blogthe payment system was a disaster from the start, primarily because it did not understand the governance aka corruption flow of funds in the industry.

This resulted in the erstwhile operators of the system conspiring to make sure it would not work. How do I know this? I was in Nairobi when it first started up, and we were analysing a lot of market sectors for payments technology at the time. And, once gfumpy figured out how the flow of funds for the Matatu business worked, from memmes sources, we knew a digital payments scheme was dead on arrival.

As an crypo there is a play that could have been done there, in a nearby sector, which is the tuk-tuks or motorbike operators that are clustered at every corner. But that's a case-study for another day. The real point to take away here is that you have to understand the real flows of money, and when in Africa, understand that what we westerners call crypho means that our models are basically worthless.

Or in shorter terms, take a ride on the bus before you decide to improve it. Meanwhile, in other news, Safaricom are now making a big push into the retail POS world. He was doing great stuff, but the elephant in the room was always Safaricom, and it was no polite toilet-trained beast.

Its reputation for stealing other crrypto business ideas was a legend; in the payment systems world, you're better off modelling Safaricom as a bank. Ah, that makes more sense You'll note that Safaricom didn't press over-hard to enter the transit world. The other great takeway here is that westerners should not enter into the business of Africa lightly if at all. Westerners' biggest problem is that they don't crypto casino memes grumpy the conditions there, and consequently they will be trapped in a self-fulfilling cycle of western psuedo-economic drivel.

How to break out of that trap economically is a problem I've yet to figure out. I've now spent a year outside the place, and I can report that I have met maybe 4 or 5 people amongst say who actually understand the difference? Not a one of these is employed by an NGO, aid department, consultant, etc.

  • This is not an attack on the people, and the ones I've met are not bad people, diligently doing their part.
  • I feel very badly for the poor of the world, they are being given the worst possible help, with the biggest smile and a wad of cash to help it along its way to failure.
  • The recommended function on YouTube Kids is based on search history.


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