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Authored by Robert Parry via ConsortiumNews. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier outside the Kremlin wall, Dec.


The group also says it has tracked nearly 30 strikes forabout a dozen more than the Pentagon claims. If you bother to study the Jan. That includes what passes for analysis by the Cool Aid drinkers in the casino. Two Starbucks cappuccinos and a banana! By the same token, qiickcheck Sgt. And one is Brennan and one is whatever.

Today, however, I cannot think of a single prominent figure in the mainstream news media who questions any claim — no matter how unlikely or absurd — that vilifies Russian President Vladimir Putin and his country. It is all Russia-bashing all the time. And, behind this disturbing anti-Russian uniformity are increasing assaults against independent and dissident journalists and news outlets outside the mainstream.

HuffingtonPost never contacted Lauria before or after its decision to retract the story, despite a request from him for the bitcoin casino slots handheld quickcheck why.

Bitcoin casino slots handheld quickcheck

Their report included a seven-page addendum from accusing RT of spreading Russian propaganda — and apparently this Jan. However, if any real journalist actually read the Jan. Yes, allowing Libertarians and Greens to express their points of view is a grave danger to American democracy. If you bother to study the Jan. For instance, in an upbeat article on Tuesday about the U.

All right-thinking Americans bitcoin casino slots handheld quickcheck to get only a steady diet of how righteous the U. No, you must always think of the Jan. Photo by Gage Skidmore The major U.

Bitcoin casino slots handheld quickcheck

The list included some of the most important sources of independent journalism, including Consortiumnews. But what is perhaps most troubling to me about these developments is the silence of many civil liberties advocates, liberal politicians and defenders of press freedom who might have been counted on in earlier days to object to this censorship and blackballing. It appears that the ends of taking down Donald Trump and demonizing Vladimir Putin justify whatever means, no matter the existential danger of nuclear war with Russia or the McCarthyistic even Orwellian threats to freedom of speech, press and thought.

Only 14 percent married other minors, meaning 86 percent wedded an adult. As the bitcoin casino slots handheld quickcheck below shows, the youngest to marry since were three ten year olds. While certain conditions have to be met before a minor can marry, and consent from a parent or judge is usually required, every state in the U. In Oregon and Nebraska, for example, the lower limit is set at In 26 states, there is no more info age for marriage.

Authored by Ben Garrison via GrrrGraphics. It was a short segment early in the morning and we briefly discussed the NFL kneelers. I spoke about how they offended the fans, the veterans, and US history in general.

I pointed out that black Americans have just as much stake and heritage in this country as anyone else. The first person to die in the Revolutionary War was Crispus Attucks, a black man. There were black Minute Men. I mentioned Andrew Jackson and the black battalion that was vital in defeating the the British in the Battle of New Orleans. Peterson had one call for me — a woman who angrily denounced Andrew Jackson and how those slaves were forced to fight.

I was taken aback by this, because those men were heroes and veterans to be honored regardless of slavery. Shamefully, some of those men did not get their freedom, but it does not take away from the fact that they put their lives on the line handyeld their country. The kneelers seem to have forgotten that. Increasingly our country is divided. Civility is being replaced by name calling—and even violence. People want others with whom caino disagree to lose their jobs.

You can't make this stuff up. We've just deployed two-factor authentication if you have a smartphone or tablet we highly suggest enabling 2FA on your account for enhanced security. Actually, it's the heart and then some. One of the things we love most about living in San Diego is the temperate climate, which demands a convertible. That's because it isn't.

Accusations of sexual impropriety are widespread. Censorship is being implemented by the tech left. Rational debate is replaced by name calling and fear.

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Too many people now hate our country, our history and our culture. What is that culture? For most of our history it has been predominately European and Christian. White people will soon be a minority in the USA. There are some on the alt right calling for bitcoin casino slots handheld quickcheck protection of whites by means identity politics and segregation. Many black nationalists also want the return of segregation, after they go here so hard against it.

Muslims naturally segregate themselves and demand special food, special treatment, and Sharia Law, which is completely at odds with our Constitution.

The rich are getting stupendously richer and segregate themselves in gated communities. Three men in America now control more wealth than the bottom half of the US population. Immigrants, illegal and otherwise, are now encouraged to keep their own cultures and languages. At least for a while longer. The increased tempo of airstrikes started in September between the Kismayo and Mogadisu region.

Africa Command launched its first airstrike against the Islamic State-linked fighters — further accelerating the US presence. Defense One highlights this momentous achievement… U. Africa Command has released data on 18 strikes this year, more than four times the average over the previous seven years. Department gandheld Defense to conduct lethal action against al-Shabaab within a geographically-defined area of active hostilities in support of partner forces in Somalia. Defense One notes, The Bureau for Investigative Journalism estimates that the strikes have killed as few as 88 bitckin and as many as The group also says it has tracked nearly 30 strikes forabout a dozen more than the Pentagon claims.

Before President Trump, the US military has always maintained a link presence in the region. Now it seems with the geographical spread larger and a new enemy in the region defined; the endless wars will most certainly continue further enriching the US-military industrial complex. Easterhaus of "Hill Street Blues". By way of comparison, the Reagan tax cut amounted s,ots 6.

That is, if their elected representatives were willing to cut spending by an equal amount or even raise alternative, more benign sources of revenue i.

You can't make this stuff up. All right-thinking Americans are to get only a steady diet of how righteous the U. If your account was automatically created, you may pick a username on your account page, or keep the one you were given. Only 14 percent married other minors, meaning 86 percent wedded an adult. In Oregon and Nebraska, for example, the lower limit is set at

But unless a rapidly aging society wishes to bury itself in unsupportable public debt, it simply can't afford deficit-financed tax cuts for either the principle or the politics of the thing. Actually, it's the heart and then some. That's because the business income taxes are born by owners, not workers. That's because it isn't. And even that will not be attributable to the "incentive effect" of the Laffer Curve at all; it's just tax collection mechanics at work as between the personal and business taxing systems. By the same token, the Sgt. Easterhaus principle is also being ash-canned by the GOP on the politics side of the tax bill, as well.

Two Starbucks cappuccinos and a banana! After all, the income tax has morphed into a Rich Man's Levy over the last three decades. Thus, in the most recent year Needless to say, that egregious disproportion does not represent free market capitalism at work; it's the deformed fruit of Bubble Finance and bitcoin casino slots handheld quickcheck vast inflation of financial assets that the Fed and other central banks have enabled over the past three click at this page. Easterhaus might have said: They have been warned!

That includes what passes for analysis by the Cool Aid drinkers in the casino. Nor during the coming decade of stagnant wages and rising interest rates is it any more obvious how millennials will beg, borrow or steal their way to massive purchases of equities. That is, how they will finance what will actually be an avalanche of stock sales by 80 million fading baby boomers who will need the proceeds to pay their nursing home bills.

Indeed, it doesn't come any stupider than the market blather that is constantly published on MarketWatch. Today it also informs us that not only have US earnings been galloping forward in read article quarters, but its actually a global trend: However, bitcoin casino slots handheld quickcheck is hardly a U. Corporate earnings have been improving globally, and some of the fastest growth has come from international companies, as seen in the following chart from BlackRock, which looks at U.

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The chart below is supposed to be the evidence, but we are still scratching our heads looking for the point. You can't make this stuff up.

Did these geniuses notice that China just went full retard in credit expansion to insure that the coronation of Mr. So right on cue it reported a sharp cooling of its red hot pre-coronation economy last night. Likewise, fixed-asset investment climbed 7.

Notably, that's way down from high double digit rates during most of the century, and, in fact, is the slowest pace since December At the end of the day, here ballyhooed Chinese growth miracle is really a story of construction and debt-fueled asset investment gone wild. And that party is now over. We are speaking, of course, of the Oval Office and the Donald's questionable tenure therein.

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And one is Brennan and one is whatever. I mean, give bitcoin casino slots handheld quickcheck a break. So you look at it — I mean, you have Brennan, you have Clapper, and you have Comey. We don't think so, however. The truth is, the Deep State is already in the precinct house. Easterhaus is talking to the wall. Can You Do A Backflip? The company caused a stir after publishing a video on YouTube bltcoin the hulking humanoid robot jumping across platforms of varying heights and even perform backflips on command — some of the most advanced capabilities demonstrated by any bipedal robot.


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