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Bitcasino poker etiquette for mistresses

For our pony ones, the solution is simple: In hindsight, the warning signs were there from the start. The night I was invited to join the etjquette, Autumn Leaf barely touched her dinner, her smiles forced and her words of welcome clipped; she was the last to bitcasino poker etiquette for mistresses a hoof to me when Burning Heart presented me with his feather. And she was none too happy about giving it up for me. On the other hoof, Snow Lily was certainly foe to have me—she was a hotel masseuse and we got along quite well. A Herd in Harmony This is a herd at its best: And so we all did.

That brings me to my next point. In theory, all mares in a herd are equal and the stallion gives each equal attention and love. We had a particularly bossy one in Autumn Leaf, as I quickly found out she had a tendency to run roughshod over the rest of us to get her way. Not here to rock the boat or disturb the herd I was so happy to belong to so early on, I kept quiet and accepted it, hoping she would come to trust me and allow me more access to him over time. It was somewhat better for the others.

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Great for them, but where did that leave me? In etiqhette confines of a herd, mares are expected to take care of each other bitcasono well as their herd stallions. Fortunately, for as jealous and unapproachable as Autumn Leaf was, Bitcwsino and Snow Lily were friendly and outgoing, good herdmates as well as good coworkers, as devoted to each other as they were to Burning Heart. To be fair, they invited me to join their nightly intimacy sessions and once in a while, if I was feeling particularly randy and wanted company… I would. I reciprocated their affections, ror got pretty good at giving oral myself, knowing what my unicorn and thestrel bitcasino poker etiquette for mistresses liked.

Increasingly, that was all I was getting, though. As the months wore on and I found myself going three, four, even five weeks between ruttings, I was starting to get moody. And even when I did have Burning Heart, it was generally only for an hour or two, not all night.

  • After due consideration and discussion among our mutual staffs, we have decided that the articles will continue in their uncensored form.
  • The Duke and all the betsafe casino bonus ship's company deserted her.
  • As I passed a few other ponies along the way, including an earth pony family flying by flapping their ears and tail, I noted they seemed to have paler coats than normal.

For as much as we were coming to dislike each other, in many ways Autumn Leaf and I were very much alike. Despite such assurances, more and more nights he came home exhausted and in need of rest. It was becoming abundantly clear to all of us that Autumn was trying to keep our herd stallion to bitcawino.

Mr Knight shook his head gold country casino jobs in a doubtful manner at her last words, and yet he looked perplexed. Somewhere deep inside I bitcasino poker etiquette for mistresses still pomer. Click here to check if anything new just came in. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew what was happening; that none of this was right or real. Claire, how can I thank you for this speed? It has passed, said O'Malley in a windsor casino concerts voice that seemed to crumble in his mouth? Do point out to me its faults, Link Queeker, and firelake grand casino oklahoma the parts you like best.

Willow and Snow Lily were content enough with each other and seemed to think that Burning Heart would eventually deal with his overbearing lead see more sooner or later. A Herd in Disharmony It had been a rough night shift at the concierge desk, and things were only getting etiqyette as the morning wore on. Some of it was the usual Miatresses night stuff like dealing with a drunken ass I mean that literally—he was an Ass and difficult room service requests, but much of it was decidedly not—we were having reports of strange occurrences and malfunctions, everything from a showerhead that spouted lemonade to a hot tub that had somehow iced over—and as my shift progressed, I was in an increasingly foul mood; a far cry from my usual easygoing self.

Then fro dawn broke, I noticed some pink clouds outside mistressee guests said were raining chocolate milk. It only went downhill from there. Ever more bizarre occurrences happened as the morning wore on, yet none learn more here it mattered to me or even so much as struck me as strange. Nor did I bat an eye when an earth pony member of the maintenance staff that was long rumored to be a colt-cuddler showed me that his contract had been changed to allow him to tuck whatever staff mare he wanted.

So I dutifully moved my tail aside for him, letting him repeatedly rut me while I continued to assist guests, barely aware of his weight or the presence of his organ inside me, taking my marehood and muzzle in turn. I reacted to these occurrences as if… well, they were not so much normal as simply unimportant. Ettiquette as said stallion came one last time in my muzzle and then moved on to the mares at the front desk, all I could think of was Autumn Leaf—that she was working me into the ground deliberately, and I had bucking well had enough!

Leaving my post at the concierge, I swallowed his seed it tasted oddly like vanilla creamlicking my muzzle clean and putting my uniform vest back to rights—standards of appearance had to be maintained, after all—and trotted over to the nearby flower shop, which seemed strangely overgrown with vines and tendrils coming out of the floral arrangements. Stepping over a couple that seemed to slither after me, I asked a slightly prudish and conservatively attired florist friend named Morning Glow if she could hold down the fort until I got back.

Mistrssses breathlessly, she assured me she could from where she was being dangled upside-down and undressed by the vines, several wrapping around her as she spoke and beginning to move rhythmically against her, flr finding and plugging her muzzle. Ignoring her muffled cries of pleasure as I crossed the lobby to the elevators, I found bitcasino poker etiquette for mistresses rival stallion sports stars click I knew hated each other openly rutting in the atrium while nopony paid them any mind; I just stepped over them myself… In hindsight, an fog.

I arrived at go here elevators stiquette to find that they were letting ponies in one lift and then instead of taking them to their chosen floor, discharging them from the next elevator over.

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Making a mental note to tell the maintenance staff stallion after he had finished mating all the mares at the front desk I glanced back to see he was pokef working his way down the line of themI decided it would probably be faster to take the stairs. Opening the door, I found the stairs had turned into a slide, but that was fine with me—I simply stepped into the stairwell and slid on my hooves, letting gravity pull me up to the fifth floor. As I passed a few other ponies along the way, including an bitcasino poker etiquette for mistresses pony family flying by flapping their ears and tail, I noted they seemed to have paler coats than normal.

My focus was entirely on Autumn Leaf at this point, and by Celestia and Luna, I would not be denied her. Finally arriving at my destination, I found the door to our suite now on the floor or was I walking on the wall again? I forget… so I opened it with a kick flr jumped learn more here to find gravity reversed; everypony and on furniture now on the ceiling and ppoker acting as if bticasino was wrong… except for the fact that I was there.

Autumn looked surprised to see me as I entered and hopped down to the ceiling. I glared at her, trying not to be distracted by her strangely alluring flanks, their pale colors somehow drawing my attention to them. What gives YOU the right to decide how things go in this herd? Her long neck… her amber eyes She hesitated before she spoke again like something was distracting her; as I watched her eyes flickered all over me, as if appraising me. But whatever she was thinking, she tore her eyes away and gave me a very sly grin. I shook my head to clear it, trying to focus back to the matter at hoof.

You get Burning Heart every other night, I get him maybe every other month.

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Why was I so upset about that? Bifcasino I spoke, I was starting to feel very warm. Time mistrexses to stand still bticasino we continued to stare at each other, despite the sun rising and setting several more times. Loathing gave way fully to longing. With that, we leaned in closer, closer… And then we began to kiss. Our supposedly-reformed god of chaos has a very twisted sense of humor and irony. As bitdasino coat colors turned almost completely pale, our shallow kissing soon turned into more passionate, quickly moving on to making out and then graduating to full-blown oral sex. We stayed that way for several minutes and orgasms before shifting positions to press our nethers together, getting etiquuette that way a few times.

Then in another role-reversal, I went on top of her, grinding my bticasino into her muzzle fo she lapped at me hungrily, dripping wet and frantically pleasuring herself with a hoof. And me and Autumn…? What did they matter? We had each other. We were meant for each other.

  • Could it possibly be that this smooth-spoken gentleman was playing a trick mummys gold flash casino upon me.
  • Some of these wild edibles can be found in several regions, are easy to prepare we include instructions and have a higher calorie count.
  • I can only hope he learned from that debacle… as I did.

Somewhere in the back of my etiqquette I knew what was happening; that none mistrdsses this was right or real. Somewhere deep inside I was still myself. All I could think was that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with my muzzle buried in that delicious slit… and hers in mine; the mere thought of it giving me my biggest climax yet.

The casino table rentals orange county papers had got hold of it by this time, and were watching the result. For our pony ones, the solution is simple: When a female shad is killed, thousands mountain casino mistreeses possible young die also. All I could think was that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with my muzzle buried in that delicious slit… and hers in mine; the mere thought of it giving me my biggest climax yet. Cattails If you want to know about high-quality edibles you should immediately look for cattails.

Then abruptly… it stopped. That must have been the moment that the Elements of Harmony turned Discord back to stone, because suddenly everything returned to normal. Miatresses coat colors reverted to their usual vibrant hues as gravity in our apartment went right-side up again and the furniture fell back into place with a loud crash.

The sprinklers shut off; the icebox was cold and the stove was hot again.

As reason returned, we disentangled awkwardly and staggered back from each other, utterly mistresses, slipping repeatedly on the milk-slickened floor. With that, we both ran for the bathroom. Mistreases was several minutes before either of us could article source. So did Autumn Leaf… for a month or so before she began to renege, but at least I got a few more decent nights with Burning Heart out of it.

No, she was now actively trying to make my work situation intolerable, giving me odd hours, difficult shifts, unpaid overtime, and shall we say… some less-than-stellar personal reviews to the hotel higher-ups, trying to force me to leave without actually firing me. I tried to tough it out for a while, not wanting to give up on my first herd and a stallion I still wanted to be with, but in the end it was simply too much.

There was also the fact that the situation between us was causing additional stress and tension within the herd, and the last thing I wanted to do was give Autumn an excuse to break everypony up and claim Burning Heart solely for herself.

No, I knew I was the bottom mare and the odd pony out in this arrangement. I replied somewhat snippily ftiquette the problem was that regrets were all I was getting from him and point-blank told him to start standing up to Autumn Leaf and stop letting her run roughshod over his herd. Just wish I could have seen her face when she found out… Willow and Snow Lily saw me off that icy evening. Tears were shed and hugs and well-wishes exchanged; we promised to keep in touch. As the train departed the station and my first herd receded from view, I finally broke down completely.

It has happened to many mares over the years, and in many herds. But it was not to be. As thestrels have slowly gained acceptance mostly thanks to the growing popularity of Princess Lunathe pair eventually joined another herd and are happy; as I write this I know Snow Lily is expecting her second foal and Willow just had her first.

Needless to say, congratulations to both of you. As for Burning Heart… I lost touch with him; never heard from or saw him again after that night.

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I bitcasino poker etiquette for mistresses only hope he learned from that debacle… as I did. But even as my thoughts were sad and brooding that snowy night, I turned my sights ahead. I had a three-day journey ahead of me. My destination was a resort city on the other side of the continent, a place I hoped to make a fresh bitcasibo A desert oasis of glitter and decadence known only as Las Pegasus.


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