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Duly fcarini rora cwvmmr tir a. Sub Fleet, nff moed eri fait before lha rlrat turn atretrn. Bruah Burs wta furlrinif, then atjrjried badly. It 7 3 lA a F Mr Bull t'llldll whim Start loud if,m tatei. M Warner Farm I. Knap fntralil Hill tiDl. Bolan4 Stanlt; MK'll O. Irrard a Calda bad loeed lor all Bitcasino at 1 Oddl It J Holier Ma Calnea R B.

Fractional Bihcasino Oil at 3: Hyn Wakefield Farm H. Bull and Tloaoj Jr. Cyd a Baby, olare Went tn ooat 4t 3. The 83 muluala nalri' Vilr Valt Of Gold, place Pints then 7h 1 a fi- 4Vt. Miss Regan the only womanii. In the exhibit, Miss Regan rancheero how si car is born in a styling studio. She is at the show daily, working at her artist's drawing board, giving visitors a glimpse into the styling possibilities of the cars of the future. A pert and attractive blonde, Miss Regan has been a member of the Chrysler Corp. Styling Studios for six years.

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Miss Regan says she hopes that, in small measure, stfe is helping women to get their views on colors and styles translated into automobile designs. Her uphill climb in cluded work as a model, a clothes designer and a jewelry stylist. She does illustrations of entire models designed for the future, and is called upon as a consultant in in terior and exterior color harmonies.

She also designs car hardware and chrome medallions. Miss Regan sees bitcasino io 61 ranchero colors please click for source preference in the industry, with the somber black being employed in two-tone models. Royal tires, an nounced last week bitcasino io 61 ranchero lie had also taken on distributorship of Royal Triton motor oil.

Royal Triton is a comparatively new product in this area, manufactured by the Union Oil Com pany go here California. In extensive tests in motorcars in all operating conditions, this oil has proved itself outstanding among motor oils, Mr. Royal Triton was used in a day road test of four cars, source driven 30, miles in that time without oil change.

Testers claimed that after this test the oil was giv ing the same engine protection as it did at the beginning of the run.

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Hyn Wakefield Farm H. Last winter a acre tract ranfhero land was purchased on River Road, west of the city, and additional adjoining land was leased. My Fiifre feldi Start rood The one driver must be given precedence, otherwise It ranchero be continuous contest. Red Charier, Brush Burn. Look To Your Dealer: Shell plans to erect a complete petroleum terminal bitcasino this site or some other appropriate one.

The oil, see more colored, was also used in the engine of the airplane, "City Of Yuma," which broke the world's endurance record, staying aloft 46 days, Mr. The record exceeds by He will be located in Chicago. Pur Sang, one of the nation'! Went, who has piloted tho Kowall thoroughbred In many of bis wlnnimr. Pur Sang saved ground ilnwn the bark stretrh while steadily Improving his position and then bested Suiirested In the atreteh drive.

Suggested ran well all the way and, after taking the lead at the head of the stretch, could not hold on to victory. Seaward raced evenly but was forced to lose ranchero distance rounding the turn and did not menace the top pair and finished four lengths behind Sug- gested. Mass O' Gold and Suggested wera the second choice favorites in the race at Jockey Wdon Colfiniin scored on llo-sox Jr. The young rider was aboard Yak Yak from the W. The award signified Sackett's superiority during the meeting.

Y July 19 on Rocky Marciano. He finished against Tommy Harrison, Los Angeles heavyweight. Charley Goldman, his trainer said Marciano would box again Sunday but would rest on Monday. Matthews, who is doing his. His weight is down Yak Yak. Ho Flint went to the front ynrter alert hamjllnj after the start, could not resist the winner u. Fractional Ime 0 F, 3'i 1 11 3n Js. I Pop ft Fuiry Muuls. Optional reced with the leaders on the outside, responded to nrnlonred urelne and dimmed nr mi pop to draw clear for lha finish. Bli bitcasino io 61 ranchero nanniine on the turn hut weakened In anu eiiuwea IQ moo w 0c, aevro.

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Wenl lo tmat at 4 -ST. Water may look clear and "feel" oft but that it no excuse for using it in.

Bitcasino io 61 ranchero

If the motor car maker no longer prescribes specified intervals for having the carbon cleaned and the valves ground, the owner should not think that means the job no. It is harder to prescribe definitely nowadays, since the presence of carbon de pends largely upon the operator and the operating conditions of the car. Reason For Toe-in j Front wheels of all cars toe-in, or are gathered at the front, to compene sate for the fact that the wheels taper from top to bottom.

Bitcasino io 61 ranchero Of Battery Care: Tightening the hold-down bolts bitcasnio keep the battery from bouncing around ' in its supports, thus loosening and wearing click here, is a feature of battery care that many motorists overlook.

Bitcasino io 61 ranchero

It should be done every three months. Tightening the bolts also may eliminate several mysterious noises. Change OH Oftenert Even In those cars which give long-time oil service, the period between changes depends upon the char acter of driving. If one has a car that calls for new oil every 1, miles of normal use, the touring trip can reduce the interval of change to miles. That is be cause the constant high tempera ture to which the oil is exposed tends to break down the viscosity. Many a continue reading who professes complete sur prise when he discovers that leak age is responsible for the loss of lubricant from the transmission or differential has just been ignoring the evidence.

The evidence may be scattered all over the floor of the family garage without the car owner having paid any attention to it Keeping Garage Clean: The simplest way to keep a home ga rageeither the built-in or de tached type clean is to see that the doors are closed. A great deal more dirt, dust and general debris is blown into the average garage than ever is brought in by the car itself. And another thing about keeping the doors closed is that they are less likely to be broken.

The motorist who wears glasses will find it expedient to take along an extra pair on the-tour. It 7 3 lA a F Mr Bull t'llldll whim Ruhe Adams i 8. Ma Calnea R B. Fart Of Battery Care:

These Springs Do Break: This effect, in nine cases out of 10, has but one cause. The starter spring is broken. In the early days of motoring this trouble was mucn more common than it it now, but despite the improvements made, starter springs are susceptible to breakage. Their replacement is neither a difficult nor an expensive task. The motorist who wears glasses will find it expedient to take along an extra pair on the-tour. Look To Your Dealer: In the stock of the dealer who handles your car, you will find accessories bticasino as clocks and radio sets which are styled to conform to other equipment on the instrument, panel or dashboard.

Your every need in this direction has been anticipated.

Last winter a acre tract of land was purchased on River Road, west of the city, and additional adjoining land was leased. More recently a building permit was obtained and small scale construction is to be started soon. Additional plans must wait until the city arranges to build a larger water main on the street adjoining the site. Shell plans to erect a complete petroleum terminal on this site or some other appropriate one.

It will include warehouses, loading facilities, office space and approximately 6 million gallons of storage. Sht was seen off by American Ambassador and Mrs.

  • Water may look clear and "feel" oft but that it no excuse for using it in.
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Sts - ' CrasetteMotor Writer Asserts I, One of the most profitable points for the motor vehicle oper ator to consider it that there is nothing; in the right-of-way regulation which Justifies the assumption that It makes caution unnecessary. To be sure, the rule gives priority to, one ot two vehicles meeting at an intersection, but lt does not follow that it Is going to be obeyed by the operator of the second vehicle. In this connection, it has been said with great wisdom that right of way never actually is established, in fact, until one operator definitely has deferred to the other when two vehicles reach an intersection at the same time.

Were motorists generally to be guided by this principle, a great many accidents might be avoided. Its widespread adoption as a rule of driving would mean that caution would govern every approach to an intersection, which tragically is not the case today. As he approaches a crossing thoroughfare, he makes a cursory examination of the position of vehicles on it with reference to his own car. Favoring himself as much as possible in his bitcasino io 61 ranchero, if the relationship gives any justification for it, he concludes that it is bitcasino io 61 ranchero right of way and proceeds with the full expectation that the other operator will defer to him.

The other driver has followed precisely the same technique and the result too often is a mishap.


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