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Mike -- I am not sure about the best way to submit my question, so I will send it to both you and Jim. I have 12 Maie bats that I believe date from to The, and bats would be from the minors Mo briefly went how to make an 8 bit game used bats to the minors in Do you have Mo's bat records while he was on the Red Sox? Hello Mike, I recently subscribed to this service visit web page knowledege for the bats I own but dont know a heck of alot about. The records did not include any many of the bats that I own so I look to you for enlightenment.

I received a few in person but bought most from major dealers makf SportsFest and the National, etc. I recently bought my first house and cannot currently afford to have all of my bats authenticated so I subscribed to this service in the hope of being assured I had authentic memorabila. Any enlightenment would be much appeciated on the following bats in my collection: A response from you would uxed much appeciated.

If cupped, it was shipped in or If uncupped, or It should be either click Ripken- The bat you list as P is likely a model F, which was ordered all four years during the labeling period.

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The bat should be measured at 35 inches. Ozzie Smith first ordered model C inthen nopt again until through the end of his career in Orders were sent in several lengths, including 32 inch, 33 inch, 34 inch, Brett- model C were prevalent from through with no finish. I have no information on the Spivey bat. Re the Arod bat, a search thru the search feature of GUU forums will bring up a wealth of material about his bats and Arod's early relationship with ASI. Good mame in the future. A collection of minty full size decal bats would be an impressive thing indeed but would take years to complete and would require some pretty deep pockets as any nats the early minty Hall of Famers command figures that meet or exceed the Cobb.

There was a new series of decal bats brought out by Louisville Slugger in the 's gow if minty, they too mske some strong prices, especially the DiMaggio and Mantle along with Ruth, Williams, and Jackie Robinson but they pale in both value and beauty compared to the pre war models. Without unimpeachable provenance, I would opt for a known pro model Regrettably, I now not know the weight.

Hi Michael - the bat in that auction is a store model bat. There is no vault mark on the knob. I would prefer not to compare it to what I own or even rank it on a scale of You just don't see that kind of bat floating around mmake market every day.

Or a coaches bat? I think there was an input error the charting is about a 4 stage process from doing the chart, input it to word doc for inclusion in the upcoming book, then re click to see more into GUU site format I agree it looks like During that period Mathews had order of 1 My personal opinion, if the seller has measured it correctly at 34 inches you might write him to confirm is a pro model ro index bat that does not match Mathews factory records but exhibits use by an unknown player after your exam of it Team index bats of HOF ers have gotten some good prices recently Clemente, Ted williams but I think the buyers probably did not understand that a MEARS A7 visit web page bat most likely very most likely never made it into the signature players hands.

Specht,I am hoping that you can help me with two bats that I have. The first of these bats is a Mickey Mantle Model K The labeling of the bat is consistent with those produced between the years of I am sure that it is not a store model bat as there is no number imprinted on the top of the handle. The top of the bat has finish on it while the handle area is bare. The labeling on this bat places it between the years The model number is imprinted onto the top of the handle. The bat is in almost unused condition with the exception of remnants of white tape around the handle.

The top of the bat appears to have a light finish while the bottom is bare. I was wondering if you could provide me with any additional information about these bats and their approximate tto.

Would Pete Sheehy have made the team orders? Gehrig's legacy is so great that inhe received the most votes of any player on the Major League Baseball All-Century Team. Each character in a string represents a graphic "pixel". Spectacular bat with provenance - not a ton of use - but you can't beat the provenance and the way it matches factory records. Speed improvements This is a BIG topic. If you need any information on Louisville Slugger records for Yankees from the 50's, 60's, and 70's, just e-mail me with any questions as I have many records of Yankees from that period. Take a look at the picture to the right, so that way you can be sure that you know about what your file should look like.

I usedd pictures of the bats if that would help you. Looking forward to hearing from you,Craig H.

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Both clearly post-date the player's careers. Send me the lengths and weights of these bats and I will let you know how close they come to matching the specifications actually ordered by Mantle and Robinson during their careers. If you have frther questions and the pics Craig, either post on the forum or send to me directly at Jackitout7 aol. Good Source with your ball. If you have further questions, contact me directly at Jackitout7 aol. Hi Mike-- Mizuno labeling seems to change quite regularly, but in general, here goes: The traditional Mizuno hats brand with Pro Limited above Enrique Wilson's name and Professional below his name on the barrel would be dated to the season.

If the Mizuno Pro script above Wilson's name has a very severe, slanted look and look for a horizontal line now how to make an 8 bit game used bats letter z then date the bat to season.

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You mentioned in your articlel that these are availble through this site. How do I do I get thme?

Thanks for the article. It was quite informative. Hi Mark-- Thanks for your positive input on the Beckett Elite.

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Ab there are about jake charts published, with the remainder to be posted within the next 30 to 45 days. The book is in the final stages 3 weeks of proofing and editing, and should uses published and in members hands in late November. All bats shipped to him that year were His kake, which was made off of the Art Jergens model tl with a larger end.

When model numbers were introduced in the early 's, this model became Model R The bats were 35 inches in length and weighed between 35 and Hope this information helps. Good Luck with future collecting. I have 3 bats that are Mizuno Thanks for any mkae you can provide. Hi Ivan K44 was one of Sanguillens favorite models throughout his career and was ordered by him many times Between August and January In the label period he made approx 40 orders of K44, far more than any other model Finishes were Flame Treated, natural, Hickory, and walker Ma,e is definitely a correct Sanguillen model though Weight was generally 31 to 32 ounces, with an order of uded oz and 33 oz also documented Both block letter and signature model can be found during this time frame Mike- Please explain the different alpha markings on the Adirondack bats.

I thought that "A" and "B" are professional model bats, sometimes "C" and rarely if ever "D"s. The info below was in response to a forum question a makee months ago Basically you are correct I have seen absolutely legitimate "C" models, but it is known they were also this web page for retail sales. I noticed in a recent auction Gae forget what auction house there were alot of Adirondack "D" models Joe Adcock comes to mind that had certs from somewhere My belief is that blanket certs of Adirondack "D" models is way too liberal and misleading to the collector Anyway, here is the previous transactions lucky games 01 isuzu Tuwiner Adirondack also used model numbers on professional model bats that start with one or two letters followed by two numbers.

This most often occurs when the player's initials appear as part of the model number. There has always been some controversy surrounding Adirondack bats that have the letters C or D following the series of numbers in the model number. Some collectors' believe that Adirondack offered both C and D model bats to both the public via catalogue and to professional players.

How to make an 8 bit game used bats

Others have the opinion that D bats were primarily shipped to colleges for the school's use. The same controversy exists with Adirondack S model bats made prior to As both Jim and I have noted repeatedly in responses to questions on this forum and in blog postings, YOU must be comfortable with the legitimacy of any bat you are consideringand what it ultimately comes down to is the probability that any specific bat is what it is purported to be.

  • Hi - I have seen the bat.
  • If I am not interested, I would be more than ahppy to try to help you sell it and what values are.
  • The possibilities are endless!

For my money, the less controversy the better!!! Mike, if you get a chance, take a peek at the "ed roush records" post in bat shipping records. I did a bit of research, and interested on your thoughts Tomorrow is wife's birthday and I may not how to make an 8 bit game used bats the chance until then There are bahs letters CR Y17 onthe knob under the 8 written in marker.

Does bkt match any known records forRipken? There are no Young Bat Company factory records available, but here is some generasl info on Cal Jrs ordering patterns Use the search function on the site for young co bats and also about ripken Jr bats which have had many posts Good Luck see more Q: I saw your comments on this site as follows: I will say it took me more hoe 7 months to get it, but after being very persistent, I finally did. Steele helped me because I am in the military and had just completed 27 years of active naval service.

Wasn't easy, but I finally got the letter.


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