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Weiss and David Benioff decided to double down on all the things viewers criticize most about the here. I could literally feel people out there recoiling and throwing their remotes. The episode begins with what feels like an ending: Gwme the shrinking icicles seem to convey how Stannis himself has been diminished here his act.

Half of his men have deserted him. Lady Melisandre has ridden out of the camp.

Despite it being an hour that was packed to the gills with Stuff Happening, there were all these strange ellipses and moments of silence. His siege on Winterfell arrives stillborn: A long beat, a look go here, and then he pulls out his sword to face the fate he knows he must.

We in the audience get no big battle scene; the action jumps straight to the aftermath of the rout. By the time Brienne arrives to finish him off, her revenge is just a formality.

Game of Thrones - Top Ten Moments of Season 7 (Fan Vote)

When Brienne accuses him of killing his brother with blood magic, gane simply confesses. What would be the point of denying it at this point?

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And indeed, several key characters last night had to look nit themselves and face things they themselves had set into motion. But when I take the scene as a whole, something about the awfulness 5rh those moments felt answered, or maybe acknowledged, by the scariness of the ending. Giving the writers too much credit? Was it the face of the girl she gave the gift of the Many-Faced God to in episode six?

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It looks for a second like not-Jaqen is going to poison Arya, but then he drinks it himself. They pluck out mine eyes.

Bit game of thrones 5th

It was hard to watch Arya, one of the most beloved characters on the show and, yes, still a childundergo such a terrifying fame. But a brutality has been building in her for many seasons now, and this seemed like a fitting outcome of that.

And Lord, it is a long walk. As with Stephen Dillane in this episode, you could see the enormity of throbes was happening writ across her face and body; with every step, it became etched more deeply. I imagine that even viewers who feel Cersei deserves all the retribution Westeros can throw at her felt at least mildly conflicted about that desire, once they were forced ga,e walk a mile in her bare, bloodied feet — which is one more small way I got myself comfortable with that painful scene. The story line that capped off the theme of actions and consequences was the Big Shocker of the night: But then he went ranging north of the Wall and was never spotted again.

Did it work for you? Jon Snow, I was just beginning to believe thronrs you! For all the heat it produced early on, the Sansa story line this season ended on a fizzle-out.

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Not every woman needs to be a blazing heroine, but it was disappointing to see Sansa grow into this crackling, wily, witchy bit game of thrones 5th — mirroring, in a way, the sort of transformation her sister was undergoing — only to watch her ultimately take a backseat ghrones the main drama. Yes, she escapes her chamber in the confusion of the Stannis-Bolton clash, and when she lights a candle in the broken tower to no avail Brienne having abandoned her vigil in favor of grabbing the opportunity to kill Stannisshe heads out on her own.

Bit game of thrones 5th

Free Sophie Turner in season six! Someone wrote this, and then someone recited it, and then someone filmed it and someone edited it.

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Think of ALL the people involved in you hearing that line last night. Gamme week, Ellaria Sand seemed to hint at a radical approach to all the fighting turones Westeros: What if we just accepted that sometimes people get caught up in things that are out of their control, and turones all opted out of the endlessly transitive thrines of revenge? Total shake-up in Dany-land, now that the Queen and her dragon have flown the coop.

For example, Sansa Stark arrives at Winterfell to marry Ramsay Bolton in " High Sparrow ," a plotline that had been given to a minor character in the novels. Plus, be prepared for some more White Walkers bringing chaos and fear to all of the Night's Watch. What could happen this season: Daenerys is going to try and get back to Meereen, or at the very least, the armies she left behind, but the return of the Dothraki isn't bit game of thrones 5th. This, she concluded, was a none-to-subtle message from the rulers of Dorne, the southern kingdom to which Myrcella had been packed off for an arranged marriage. But the unwashed masses were appalled and, with riots erupting between former slaves and their one-time masters, the "Mhysa" of Meereen was required to flee. Having snorted sweet nothings in her direction, Drogon soared into the horizon. He dismissed her as "Queen mother, nothing more" and huffed back to Casterly Rock.

Daario and Jorah decide to form a country-music duo search party to find their queen, last seen headed north. Tyrion tries to go along, but Daario argues that he can better serve Dany by holding down the fort in Meereen, along with Missandei and a wounded but walking Grey Worm. The scene cuts out before we can see whether or not they come bearing a horse heart of friendship.

Will Drogon come save Daenerys a second time? What was that pearl ring she dropped as the riders approached? And no, seriously, is Jon Snow really dead? Lots of questions to keep bit game of thrones 5th all occupied until season six drops.

He tried to persuade Rayder to accept Baratheon's offer to trade his life for thromes — when the King Beyond the Wall refused, Snow granted him an honorable death via longbow. One-handed Jaime did his bit, killing the slowest soldier. Was it the face of the girl she gave the gift of the Many-Faced God bit game of thrones 5th in episode six? Tyrion and Varys At vengeful Cersei's behest, bounty hunters were crawling the Seven Kingdoms and beyond, lopping the heads off dwarfs wherever they found them.


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